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Historical fiction, suspenseful mystery, and engaging drama are all found in the books of Henry Hoffman. Feel free to browse these pages. Look for reviews and information regarding my books and news about upcoming releases.

The Perpetual Penitent: an Adam Fraley Mystery

perpetual penitentFraley’s search for a missing man grieving the loss of his daughter takes the detective to remote regions of Haiti where he discovers he is not the only one in search of the father. Soon, he finds himself entangled in the tentacles of a lucrative international insurance scam involving the falsification of death records. 

"One of the most reader-friendly mystery series that I've encountered in all my years in the reviewing game."
--Phil Jason, Book Reviewer, Florida Weekly.

The Perpetual Penitent is available at:
Melange Books

The Ephemeral File

The Ephemeral File: an Adam Fraley Mystery
In the catalog of major crimes, private investigator Adam Fraley stumbles upon one of the rarest.

"...master of the genre"
---Midwest Book Review


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On a Midnight Clear (An Adam Fraley Mystery Book 1) by [Hoffman, Henry]

On a Midnight Clear
an Adam Fraley Mystery

from Melange Books

Private investigator Adam Fraley happens upon a horrific Christmas Eve crime while traveling the Colorado foothills. At the heart of the story is the relationship between Fraley and Noelle Feldman, an enchanting young girl whose family life is shattered by the tragic event.

"...creates a powerful hold on readers' curiosity"
 ---Florida Weekly

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